Terms of service
Terms of service

Terms and Conditions
Welcome to Shodrex.com website. Shodrex.com has created these terms and conditions to govern our relationship with users (Businesses, Brands, Organizations, Individuals) and others that interact with Shodrex as well as its services. These terms and conditions apply to all types of services Shodrex offer, both direct and indirect, except where we expressly state that separate terms and conditions and not these apply. The terms "you", "your", "yourself", "yours" and "customer" refer to the individual person or corporation who creates an account with us or searches for information (Stores, Catalogs, Brands, Products, and Services) on our search engine.

Please note that Shodrex Terms and Conditions may be updated and from time to time, we therefore advice that you review them often to stay informed about our terms and conditions. Services (direct and indirect) apply to everything provided online, through mobile devices and computers of all platforms, by email, telephone, post or through direct contact with our officers. You accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions (as well as our privacy policy) below.

Service Scope
Purchases made via this web site are cinema tickets, movie, event ticket etc. These purchases are done on only verified stores and stores that accepts the terms of service for payments.

When you purchase via this website, your transaction is made with shodrex, using our E-commerce merchant name "Shodrex" and Payment gateway "Paystack" on behalf of your chosen product.

By purchasing tickets using the service provided by Shodrex.com you agree to accept and abide by all terms and conditions published herein. Please ensure that you read all terms and conditions carefully before completing your purchase.

Shodrex and its booking systems are responsible for your web transaction payment on behalf of your chosen movie, event and table reservation ticket/ticket related products. In the event of any questions relating to issues with your payment, please contact your chosen movie, event or table reservation store in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve your question with your chosen store, please contact us using the details listed below, and we will make enquiries with the store on your behalf. In the event of any question which relates to the tickets or ticket-related products purchased (e.g. pricing, age restriction etc.) please contact your chosen store directly.
In the event of any query which relates to the tickets or ticket-related products purchased (e.g. pricing, age restriction etc.) please contact your chosen store directly.

We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions where necessary. The latest changes to our terms and conditions are published here as soon as they become applicable. You are encouraged to regularly review these terms and conditions for any amendments which may be applicable to your purchase.

Product and Ticket Purchase
Purchases are advised to be made only on verified stores

We hope that you will find our online booking systems simple to operate. However, in the event of any questions relating to purchasing movie, event or table reservation products, please contact us using the contact details listed below.

Please note that your purchase is subject to your acceptance of any requirements stated or which may reasonably be expected of you in relation to your purchase. For instance, when purchasing tickets, you agree to abide by any age restrictions imposed upon the movie, event or table reservation ticket.
Please note that your selected cinema or event store may require you to provide evidence of your entitlement to purchase (e.g. proof of age or concession status).

Also note that in teams of movie tickets, 3D glasses may be required when purchasing tickets for 3D films. However, due to the variety of 3D systems used by modern movie/cinema stores, the type of glasses required, and whether or not these may be purchased in advance, can vary from cinema to cinema. If in any doubt as to 3D glasses arrangements with your selected cinema, please contact the cinema directly.

Purchases made via this website are subject to ticket availability. Your order constitutes an offer to purchase from your selected store, and the on screen booking confirmation indicates acceptance of your offer on behalf of your selected item on Shodrex. At this point, a contract exists between you and your selected store.

We recommend that it is safer you print a copy of your ticket transaction reference which contains your confirmation identity to take to the cinema with you, as proof of your reservation.

We reserve the right to refuse your booking request on behalf of your selected store.

Please note that ticket availability can fluctuate in response to changes made at the Box Office, Event place or Table Reservation center. Where seat availability changes after you have entered the booking process, your booking will not be completed, and you will have the opportunity to select alternative seats, if available.

Product and Ticket Collection
After your payment, an automated customized ticket is sent to the email address you entered while registering your user profile. This details your transaction reference that carries your booking confirmation identity used to confirm your purchase at the movie, event or table reservation center. Please ensure that you check your automated customized ticket carefully if it carries your confirmation identity, as it may not be possible to rectify mistakes unless your chosen store is informed immediately. Note that the store stated terms and conditions apply with regard to refund or cancellation.

Notification of Errors
You agree to notify us immediately any error is detected while reconciling transactions that have occurred using Shodrex. We will investigate and rectify the errors where verified. In the event that we notice any errors, we will also investigate and rectify such errors.

Where we owe you money as a result of such errors, we will refund the amounts owed to you by a bank transfer to your Bank Account.

If a transaction is erroneously processed through your platform, report to us immediately. We will investigate any such reports and attempt to rectify the errors appropriately.

Failure to notify us within 35 (thirty-five) days of the occurrence of an error will be deemed a waiver of your rights to any amount resulting from such an error.

Privacy Policy
Shodrex is committed to managing your Personal Information in line with global industry best practices. For information about privacy policies on our website, see our privacy policy to understand how we use your information and the steps we take to protect them.

You may terminate this Agreement by closing your Shodrex Account.

We may without prior notice to you suspend or terminate your Shodrex Account terms and conditions of use or revoke any or all rights granted to you under the terms and conditions of use, if:
1. you do not comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement;
2. we are required to do so by a Law;
3. we are directed by a Card Network or issuing financial institution; or
4. where a suspicious or fraudulent transaction occurs.

Upon any termination of this Agreement whether by you or Shodrex, you shall immediately cease all access to and use of the website and we shall, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, revoke all passwords and account identification issued to you and deny your access to and use of this website wholly or partly immediately.

Any termination shall not affect the respective rights and obligations including without limitation payment obligations of the parties arising before the date of termination. You consent also, that Shodrex shall not be liable to you or to any other person as a result of any such termination or suspension.

Refund Policy
Shodrex is not responsible for your chosen store's policy relating to refund or cancellation of your booking. Please check with your selected store’s refund policy for further information and enquiries.

Please note that the level of any booking fee charged is sset by the cinema, and not by Shodrex

Card Handling Fee
Shodrex acts as ticketing agent for your selected movie, event or table reservation store. We make a charge for this service, and the cinema may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of this service.

Please note that the level of any booking fee charged is set by the cinema, and not by Shodrex

Legal Use
Your utilization of any of our services warrant that you will not make unlawful use of this website or any contents and materials we provide. We are not responsible if you use the Services in a way that breaks the law.

Third Parties
References or Links to websites operated by other parties may be found on Shodrex and are provided for reference purposes only. We do not in any way imply an endorsement of the contents and operations on such websites. Shodrex.com does not participate in their management and is not responsible for your use of these websites.

Shodrex.com bears no responsibility for any liability that may arise from any service, either to the Organizations, individuals and Companies.

Contacting Us
For questions and comments on our terms and conditions, please contact us at info@shodrex.com .

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